Materials Science (NW) Ltd is based in the UK and has built up a World-wide reputation over 40 years for the manufacture of high quality, competitively priced, laboratory equipment for the sectioning and preparation of specimens in Metallurgical, Materials Science and (more recently) Medical, Dental and Forensic laboratories.

Victoria House
15 Craven Terrace
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GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

Under the GDPR, individuals have the right to obtain:

confirmation that your data is being processed;
access to your personal data
other supplementary information.

Copies of any data held by Materials Science NW are available free of charge and within one month from the date of the initial request.

Applications to modify information held, or restrict its use, can be made by letter, telephone or email but we reserve the right to verify the requesters identity before releasing information.

A copy of the Materials Science NW GDPR data protection policy document may be downloaded by clicking on the UK Union Flag below.