Materials Science (NW) Ltd is based in the UK and has built up a World-wide reputation over 40 years for the manufacture of high quality, competitively priced, laboratory equipment for the sectioning and preparation of specimens in Metallurgical, Materials Science and (more recently) Medical, Dental and Forensic laboratories.

Victoria House
15 Craven Terrace
BD24 9DB


Other Equipment

Equipment that may be used with the Metalthin electropolisher

The Graduated Grinding Jig is used for grinding discs to accurate, predetermined, thicknesses prior to electropolishing, click for details The modified Dewar Flask houses the Unipump, a cryogenic pump, when delivering liquid Nitrogen to the metalthin, click for details
he Unidisc Mk2 is designed to produce 3mm diameter discs for electropolishing, click for details
The UNIPUMP is a cryogenic pump for delivering liquid nitrogen from a modified Dewar Flask, click for details