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Small Sample Mounting System

The system comprises, a sheet holder, a slit vice and an irregular shape holder

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Code: 534/312

To complement our existing range of sample holders an integrated small sample mounting system is now available. It was developed in our R&D Laboratory in consultation with the many users of the Materials Science Spark Erosion Unit.

The energy released during electro-discharge machining can cause samples to vibrate and move unless they are held firmly. We have overcome this problem with our new system, which will hold a wide variety of regular and irregular shaped small samples very securely.

The system comprises:

  • Sheet holder
  • Slit vice
  • Irregular shape holder.

They attach to the support bracket by an integral bolt that is secured with a knurled nut on the underside of the bracket. Slackening this nut allows them to rotate 360. The sheet holder has a self draining collection tray to prevent disc specimens dropping into the electrolyte tank. The vice has one jaw, grooved horizontally and vertically, to grip bar and tube samples. A slot cut through the jaws allows samples to be wire sliced.

The design of the irregular shape holder and the sheet holder provides extra secure mounting on top of the vice. This facility gives the user an additional means of changing the distance between electrode and sample to compensate for electrode erosion when trepanning discs for TEM work. The irregular shape holder can also be mounted vertically as shown above.